Everyone who lives in, or chooses Arlington as a destination for travel knows about the roller coasters, water rides, the Cowboys and the Rangers. But, these 10 awesome things are right in front of you and you may or may not have ever noticed them.

Our team has created your guide for any Arlington adventure you set to go on. Whether you are with your spouse, children, or by yourself, you are sure to have a good time in, "America's Dream City." 

1. Texas Coffee School - This is an actual school for anyone that has a passion for coffee. Located on S Cooper, the Texas Coffee School is perfect for entrepreneurs wanting to run their own coffee shop, baristas who want to get better, and home coffee enthusiasts. 


2. The Popcorn Store - Located in Lincoln Square, The Popcorn Store features a wide variety of popcorn flavors, and tins to put your selection in. With flavors like, Bacon Cheddar, Cotton Candy, Pizza, Cinnamon Toast and Dill Pickle, you are sure to find a flavor for the whole family.  


3. Live Music - Although Arlington is not recognized like Nashville is for live music, we can still compete, and very well at that. With restaurants like the Grease Monkey, Stumpy's Blues Bar, J. Gilligan's, and JR Bentley's (pictured above) you are guaranteed to find live music, and food, that suits your taste. 


4. Crystal Canyon Natural Area - Labeled as the perfect getaway for anyone who loves nature, the Crystal Canyon Natural Area is located on Brown Boulevard and is open from 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM. It is one of Arlington's newest parks and is known for its diverse geologic profile.


5. The Upstairs Gallery - Located in a cozy home in downtown Arlington, the Upstairs Gallery is a place you can take lessons to learn how to draw, make jewelry, paint with watercolors and much more. 


6. Potanger Cafe - This is a quaint coffee shop known for serving only organic coffee beans, 50 different kinds of teas, and having a great variety of eats. They ask customers to pay what they feel like their meal was worth and strive to use only locally grown ingredients. 

7. Arlington Tennis Center - Whether you can play like Federer or don't know how to hold a racquet the Arlington Tennis Center provides its guests with a great place to learn to play tennis, or to improve their skills. With 26 lit up courts, private lessons, group practices and tournaments you can play in, the Arlington Tennis Center is sure to fit your personal skill level and needs.


8. Goin' Fishin' - If you're looking for the perfect shady spots to cast your rod, check out the best fishing holes at Arlington's best parks, or Lake Arlington, for your next big catch. Arlington also has the annual, "Arlington Bass Classic" where you can fish for cash. 


9. Antique Shops - If you are desiring a fresh out of someone's grandpas closet, or a pair of 1980's tennis shoes, Arlington has too many vintage stores to count. From Cooper Street Antique Shopping Mall (pictured above) to ReRun Consignment Boutique, Timeless Treasures, and Vintage Depot, plus many more, there is enough antique shopping to keep you busy all day, and then some. 


10. River Legacy Living Science Center - This 12,000 square foot museum is one of the most interesting ones in the whole Dallas- Ft. Worth metroplex. Located within River Legacy Park, this museum houses aquariums and terrariums with native wildlife, environmental exhibits, and a gift shop.