The kitchen is the heart of your home, the dwelling place. All of the meals, moments and laughs happen in this area. So, you want it to look its absolute best when preparing to sell your home. Most buyers are seeking comfortable, updated space so that they can entertain their family and guests. We have come up with 5 ways to make your kitchen inspire any potential buyer of your home. 

1. Do away with Clutter - This is the obvious, but most important first step to creating the kitchen of any buyers dreams. With no clutter, they are able to imagine the kitchen with their own personal items in it rather than a magazine you have been holding on to since 2004. Clearing out dishes, papers, and random objects that always end up cluttering your counter space is vital to updating this area of your home 

2. Clean Sweep - The second step to creating your ideal updated kitchen space is to simply clean it. Pull out your bleach, mops, and sponges and get ready to scrub. It is so important that buyers experience a sparkling and refreshing kitchen space.  This experience will please them immensely, and will please you, too! 

3. Neutralize so it is Easy on the Eyes - When buyers enter a kitchen space that is full of bright walls and cabinets, they are unable to picture that space as their own. So, do away with the loud greens, blues, etc and start thinking creamy light colors. This modification will go a long way for your kitchen space. 

4. Let there Be Light - Updating light fixtures is a modification in your kitchen that will make a lasting impact. Venture out, try to capture the best deals, and go for it. Also, consider updating door and cabinet handles in this space as well. The two paired together can really improve your kitchen, affordably. 

5. Granite Countertops - Most buyers prefer granite or similar, for countertops in the kitchen area. It gives the space a modernized, refreshing feel that anyone who enters will appreciate. If you are searching for granite but simply can't afford it, seek out some alternatives and compare prices. These look work great, too!