Happy Bedroom, Happy Life is the saying right? Well, close enough. But, we have come to understand that when your bedroom is happier so are you! This is a place where you relax and decompress so why not make it the best room of all? We are here to give you 5 tips to easily boost the mood in your room! 

1. Clean!!! - Okay, so this is kind of a given. But, who knew that the first and free step to creating a bedroom that has an overall better feel is one that has no clutter. So, clear off that bed side table and invest in some extra storage if you need to. You'll thank yourself later, trust us. 

2. Always Make Your Bed! - Again, a free given but, we all need a reminder sometimes. You won't believe how good it will feel to walk into your room after a long day of work to see a freshly made bed with pristine, tucked in sheets. This is a super mood booster. 

3. Personalize & Accessorize - Adding a touch of your favorite things can really make a space feel like your own. Consider your favorite candles, bedside lamps, monogrammed pieces, anything to make your space feel special to you. 

4. Pay Special Attention to Your Bedding - Not only do you want something that is themed to the interior of your room but bedding that is comfortable is essential. When you crawl into bed you want to feel embraced, right? We recommend a duvet comforter with a cover that fits your room. 

5. Clean Out Your Closet - Seriously. We know this isn't your bedroom but, most likely your closet is connected or relatively close to your bedroom. You may have followed the previous 4 steps but what happens when you have clothes and shoes draped all over your closet and your fresh lively bedroom doesn't feel so fresh anymore. (Sad Face). So, keep your clothes space clutter-free and your room and closet will flow nicely in mood-boosting unison.