In an rapidly changing electronic world, keeping up with the latest trends doesn't always seem so easy. But, we have created a list of the best "smart home" upgrades to make the place you reside a little more high tech. 

1. Amazon Echo - "Best Smart Home Centerpiece" The Amazon Echo is a device that takes simple commands such as playing music, or telling you about the weather. It is always listening so you never have to press buttons or type anything in. It is a futuristic way to google information and requesting songs on spotify. $174.99

2. BeOn Starter Pack - "Best Smart Security Lighting" The BeOn lighting system, powered off of a batteries alone, is a way to have peace of mind when you are not in your home. This system will recreate your lighting patterns, and even switch on when your doorbell or alarm sounds. $129.00 

3. Skybell HD Wi-fi Video Doorbell - "Best Smart Doorbell" The Skybell HD Doorbell incorporates with your Amazon Echo and Google Nest, at 1080p high definition. This doorbell streams video, with free video storage, so you can know who is approaching your home from your smartphone device. $164.00

4. Lutron Remote Controlled Shades - "Best Smart Home Shades" The Lutron Remote Control Shades are easy to install and use, and make windows with blinds in hard to reach places easy to access. These shades also pair with Siri-voice activation and your thermometer, as well as your lights. $419.00

5. Scout Home Security System - "Best DIY Security System" The Scout Home Security System leaves much room for customization to best benefit your personal needs. Following the $10 a month subscription, you only pay for the devices that you use. So, it is affordable and gives you peace of mind. $319.99‚Äč