Sometimes, we all just want to be transported away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and creating a beach bathroom can do that for you. Our team has collaborated to create what we feel like are the most essential pieces of a beach themed get-away, in your bathroom of course. 

1. Pastel Blue and Sandy Browns - Nothing says the beach like sand and a clear blue ocean. So, for your bathroom try to implement those two colors with some white features here and there. This way, the white will neutralize and balance the browns and blues. 

2. Accents - Starfish, coral, pictures of starfish and coral, or pretty much anything you feel like you'd see at the beach, bring inside your bathroom. (With no coral or starfish harmed in the process of course). 

3. Candles - Many candle companies have created an abundance of beach-themed scents. So, grab your favorite and let your eyes and nose take a nice little walk down the shore in your own bathroom. Plus, you can even try decorating your own! 

4. Lighting - Harsh bright lighting does not go for that relaxing ocean vibe at all. So, we recommend soft manila type lighting that is easy on the eyes and accentuates the hues of your perfectly crafted beach bathroom.