Pastels are soft, colorful and add a twist of spring in whatever room you decide to implement them in. Most would categorize them to only being spring colors but we are all about challenging the norm. Pastels are flexible colors that can be used virtually anywhere in your home at anytime of the year whether it is on the walls, in accents, bedspreads, etc. So, see how to make the most of your home using pastels. 

This space is very ultra-modern yet if you notice pastels have been incorporated into the chair and wall colors. You can do this, without losing the contemporary touch in your home. Also, welcome in spring and summer by a bright bouquet of flowers on any table. 


These pastels are incorporated with soft gray rug and sofa, as well as with wooden accents. The throw pillows, and cushions make for a very visually pleasing pastel living space. Also, notice the greenery really enhances this room. 


Accents in the kitchen are a perfect way to subtlety yet effectively incorporate hints of pastel blues and greens.


Although the only part of this room that is remotely pastel is the headboard and a pillow, we are loving how beautifully those colors stand out in an all white bedroom. 


Even your elegant dining space could use some pastel. It seems like a bold move to incorporate these lavish purple / pink hued chairs. But, in my teams opinion we love taking that extra step to stand out and make an impression.