Moving Tips

Moving Tips


We all know that moving can be a stressful time for most, not to mention something always gets forgotten, so here are a few tips to make this process a little easier on everyone:

1. Send Change-of-Address Notices to:

  • Post Office, State Motor Vehicle Bureau,
  • Federal and State Tax Authorities,
  • Firms with which you have time payments,
  • Past employer in order to receive your W-2,
  • Credit Card Companies

2. Discontinue Services with:

  • Utility Companies (gas, electric, water and telephone) and obtain deposit refunds,
  • Newspaper home delivery,
  • garbage/trash collection

3. Close accounts with:

  • Banks and Savings and Loan Associations and arrange to have funds transferred to an affiliate or recommended bank in the area.
  • City and County Assessors to make sure no taxes are due

4. Gather records from:

  • Schools, Doctors (including birth certificates, vaccination data, current medical/lens prescriptions),
  • Dentists (including x-rays),
  • Veterinarian (including health certificates and rabies inoculation tags),
  • Lawyers (check to see if your will must be revised if moving across state lines),
  • Brokers,
  • Accountant

5. Transfer:

  • Auto, Fire and Personal Property Insurance coverage,
  • Memberships in Organizations and Professional Associations.

6. Establish:

  • Credit in your new area by asking your local credit bureau to send your rating to one located here.
  • Communication with utility companies to assure there will be no delay in obtaining service.

7. Make Sure You:

  • Defrost refrigerator and freezer 24 hours before leaving: use a few pieces of charcoal to reduce odors.
  • Collect items that you have loaned, had cleaned, stored or repaired.
  • Arrange for transportation of pets if you plan to send them via air or railway express; consider boarding them while you settle into your new home.
  • Have reliable servicemen prepare your appliances for shipment; consider buying a new TV antenna rather than dismantling and moving our old one, even if your sales agreement permits.
  • Review moving plans with your moving company representative; insurance for packing and unpacking; arrival date; payment agreement; shipping papers.
  • Leave your address in a conspicuous place so that new occupants can forward any mail inadvertently delivered to you old address or send change of address to local post office.
  • Prepare "survival" kit for use upon arriving in your new home; light bulbs, bathroom articles, small tool kit, linen, flashlight, instant coffee, paper plates and cups, etc.

8. When you arrive:

  • Obtain a new drivers license.
  • Check area for car inspection and registration requirements.
  • Visit the city and county office and register to vote.


Here is a Moving Checklist to make it a little more easier:

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