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~~Buy and Sell Homes with the Help of the Experts
It is almost guaranteed that you will get a better deal and have an easier time buying and selling homes when you have the help of professional agents like Laura Swearingen and Shawn Hayes with REMAX and Associates. These two professional agents are some of the best in the business and they walked us through the details of selling a home and buying a new one in a way that ensures top dollar and the best experience.
Now is the Time to Lock Down a Rate
Rates are excellently low today and now is the time to buy a new home and guarantee a great deal. VA rates can get as low as 3.875% and conventional and FHA loans as low as 4-4.25%. You should lock your rate down to keep this great deal going for you, so the market doesn’t turn and up the percentages before you benefit. Work with a great lender like Supreme Lending, where everything is done in-house, including the underwriting. You can close a loan within 14-21 days. All you need is all of your documentation and the ability to follow the lender instructions. Don’t miss out. Supreme Lending also has a live MLS mobile app that keeps you up to date with all the current real estate opportunities, and it’s free. See what benefits and great service you can find with Supreme Lending, and you could be living the dream of homeownership in no time.
Agents are Worth Every Penny When Selling a Home
For sale by owner is a great way to miss out on top dollar for your home and all the benefits that come with the representation of a quality agent. The commission you pay really isn’t that much when you consider all the help they provide, and most homes for sale today end up in a multiple offer situation. This means that if you follow all the advice of your agent you could be receiving more than your listing price, and it will probably cover that agent commission for you and more. Your home will sell faster and more successfully with an agent, and the faster you sell the faster you can get into the new home of your dreams with the great rates available today. Shop around, check out reviews, and find an agent that you can trust and get along with. This is the surest way to real estate success. Laura has been in the business 22 years and has top ratings for her honest, quality service. You can contact her at 817-276-5144.
Follow ALL of the Agent’s Advice
A quality agent usually won’t discount their commission price, and that’s because they are fully aware of all the benefits they can bring when you listen to them. They can help you figure out the value of your home with a market analysis, and you need this information to find out what kind of home you can afford to buy after the sale. The faster you know, the sooner you can begin your search. And if an agent tells you to make certain changes and updates to increase value and marketability, just do it. They know what they are talking about, and you won’t be sorry. Your agent will represent your best interest and get you the best price. A quality agent will tell you to get prequalified with a lender like Supreme Lending before you even begin selling your home, so the whole process can go that much more quickly. Many a buyer has experienced disappointment without that prequalification and missed a great opportunity. When you get your agent, get your appraisal, make any necessary updates and repairs, and sell your home then you can begin a buy.
Buyer’s Agents Don’t Cost a Thing
When you’re ready to buy a home you should work with an agent too, because you get the great benefits and the seller pays the costs at the end of the sale. They will help you search the MLS to find a property you like, and set up the showings too. If you have a preunderwritten approval you are more likely to get the hoe you want as well. When you sign a buyer’s representation agreement they can protect your interests and give you honest opinions about properties and their commission will be protected. Laura says when you call in and mention Willie’s show, you will receive 10% of the commission cost back toward your closing costs. As a buyer you need to listen to your agent to make a strong offer, as most real estate sales today are multiple offer situations. When you put in an offer and execute the contract, you have the option period to inspect for any necessary repairs and request them. During this option period, usually one week, you can walk away at any time. Buyers pay earnest money (1% of price), option money, and down payment out of pocket. You will know what you can afford once your agent tells you how much money you will walk away with after the sale of your previous home.
An agent can walk you through the entire process from start to finish and protect you along the way, and their expert guidance is worth everything that you pay.

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