When selling your home, it should look its best so that it will sell for the best price. These tips will help you to stage your home affordably. 

1. Pack Away Personal Items - Potential buyers will want to be able to picture themselves in your home. But, will not be able to do so if your personal photos are displayed. Depersonalizing each room is essential to help the buyer see the house as their future home. 

2. Clear the Clutter - It is vital to helping the buyer envision themselves in your home when their is no clutter along the shelves, on the countertops, or in the bedrooms. Specialists advise you to pack up 90 percent of your home in order to complete this task. Boxing up the clutter and placing it in a corner within the garage is an easy and efficient solution. 

3. Rearrange and Neutralize Each Room - Each room, even down to your closets should be rearranged and organized. Fresh neutral paint on the walls, doors and trim will give your house a new fresh feel. Make sure each room has a purpose, so the buyers will feel good about maximizing their use of each area in the house. 

4. Clean! Clean! Clean! - Buyers want to walk into a home that sparkles. Not into a space that feels unsanitary, because then, they will have a hard time seeing all of the fantastic features within your home. Deodorizing and scrubbing your house is essential before a showing. Whether done yourself or professionally, it is well worth the time, money, and effort spent. 

5. Curb Appeal is a Big Deal - Focus as much on the exterior of your home as you do on the interior. Mow your lawn, plant some flowers, pressure wash your home driveway and sidewalk. All of these things will appeal to a potential buyer. They want their home to be equally as nice on the inside, as on the outside as well.