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5 Cost Efficient Kitchen Updates to Attract Buyers

by Laura Swearingen Team

The kitchen is the heart of your home, the dwelling place. All of the meals, moments and laughs happen in this area. So, you want it to look its absolute best when preparing to sell your home. Most buyers are seeking comfortable, updated space so that they can entertain their family and guests. We have come up with 5 ways to make your kitchen inspire any potential buyer of your home. 

1. Do away with Clutter - This is the obvious, but most important first step to creating the kitchen of any buyers dreams. With no clutter, they are able to imagine the kitchen with their own personal items in it rather than a magazine you have been holding on to since 2004. Clearing out dishes, papers, and random objects that always end up cluttering your counter space is vital to updating this area of your home 

2. Clean Sweep - The second step to creating your ideal updated kitchen space is to simply clean it. Pull out your bleach, mops, and sponges and get ready to scrub. It is so important that buyers experience a sparkling and refreshing kitchen space.  This experience will please them immensely, and will please you, too! 

3. Neutralize so it is Easy on the Eyes - When buyers enter a kitchen space that is full of bright walls and cabinets, they are unable to picture that space as their own. So, do away with the loud greens, blues, etc and start thinking creamy light colors. This modification will go a long way for your kitchen space. 

4. Let there Be Light - Updating light fixtures is a modification in your kitchen that will make a lasting impact. Venture out, try to capture the best deals, and go for it. Also, consider updating door and cabinet handles in this space as well. The two paired together can really improve your kitchen, affordably. 

5. Granite Countertops - Most buyers prefer granite or similar, for countertops in the kitchen area. It gives the space a modernized, refreshing feel that anyone who enters will appreciate. If you are searching for granite but simply can't afford it, seek out some alternatives and compare prices. These look work great, too! 




3 Arlington Restaurants Locals Love

by Laura Swearingen Team

In Arlington, there is a vibrant and diverse community that doesn't stop at the table. We have compiled a list of the three most loved restaurants within the city to make your dining exploration easier.

Twisted Root Burger Co. 

This is definitely not your average burger joint, with celebrity names instead of call out numbers, fun zesty flavors, and three different types of pickles to tickle your taste buds, the Twisted Root really sets themselves apart. You can chose between burgers such as the The Spicy Goat, The Sexy Hawaiian and The Frito Bandito, all with flavor packed ingredients that put the Twisted Root at the top of the list for having some of the best burgers in Arlington. 


Babe's Chicken Dinner House

This is your home cooked family meal outside the home, with endless servings of chicken to supply the table, you are sure to love babes. Served family style in large portions you can feel right at home. Known to be "Chicken Fried with Texas Pride" Babe's is sure to satisfy your southern country styled meal desires. 


J. Gilligan's Bar & Grill

Featured on the Food Network and the Travel Channel for their outstanding eats, this locally owned bar and grill offers an array of eats for the whole family. J. Gilligan's is known for their Irish Nachos which feature natural cut cottage fries with skins, topped with melted cheddar cheese, bacon, chives, onions, tomatoes and jalapeños. The Irish pub atmosphere paired with great food makes for a fun place to watch the game, relax and eat. 







How to Get Settled in DFW

by Laura Swearingen Team

The stress of relocation anywhere can seem like a daunting task whether it is a few houses down the street, a completely new city, or even a new state. But, this simple guide to getting settled here in the DFW metroplex is great for any family that is new to our area. 

1. Learn About this City - Try doing a mini tour of your new area. Whether by foot or transit, it is great to familiarize yourself with your surroundings. This makes you as a new homeowner in the area feel more comfortable. Learning where your local grocery stores, coffee shops, and even the best hamburger joints are will help you to be apart of the new city you live in. A bus or walking tour is another way to learn about the rich history the DFW metroplex holds.

2. Work Work Work - Relocation can bring on a lot of stress in terms of finding a new career path. But, with 21 DFW-based companies on the fortune 500 list, and thousands throughout the area you are sure to find something that fits your needs. Public transit in the area is fantastic too with things such as the Trinity Railway Express, the Dart Light Rail and city buses, you're sure to find an alternative to sitting in highway traffic. 

3. Honey, We Moved the Kids - Even your smallest movers need special attention in this time. Show them that this transition is beneficial for them, too. Take them to one of the many hundreds of parks in the area, visit the Dallas or Ft. Worth Zoo, the Dallas World Aquarium, or even Six Flags / Hurricane Harbor. There is plenty here in regards to entertainment. But, you as a parent can feel good in knowing there are many educational opportunities as well with outstanding public and private school systems, all spread through your community. 


Best Smart Home Devices of 2017

by Laura Swearingen Team


In an rapidly changing electronic world, keeping up with the latest trends doesn't always seem so easy. But, we have created a list of the best "smart home" upgrades to make the place you reside a little more high tech. 

1. Amazon Echo - "Best Smart Home Centerpiece" The Amazon Echo is a device that takes simple commands such as playing music, or telling you about the weather. It is always listening so you never have to press buttons or type anything in. It is a futuristic way to google information and requesting songs on spotify. $174.99

2. BeOn Starter Pack - "Best Smart Security Lighting" The BeOn lighting system, powered off of a batteries alone, is a way to have peace of mind when you are not in your home. This system will recreate your lighting patterns, and even switch on when your doorbell or alarm sounds. $129.00 

3. Skybell HD Wi-fi Video Doorbell - "Best Smart Doorbell" The Skybell HD Doorbell incorporates with your Amazon Echo and Google Nest, at 1080p high definition. This doorbell streams video, with free video storage, so you can know who is approaching your home from your smartphone device. $164.00

4. Lutron Remote Controlled Shades - "Best Smart Home Shades" The Lutron Remote Control Shades are easy to install and use, and make windows with blinds in hard to reach places easy to access. These shades also pair with Siri-voice activation and your thermometer, as well as your lights. $419.00

5. Scout Home Security System - "Best DIY Security System" The Scout Home Security System leaves much room for customization to best benefit your personal needs. Following the $10 a month subscription, you only pay for the devices that you use. So, it is affordable and gives you peace of mind. $319.99‚Äč

5 Affordable Home Staging Ideas for Sellers

by Laura Swearingen Team

When selling your home, it should look its best so that it will sell for the best price. These tips will help you to stage your home affordably. 

1. Pack Away Personal Items - Potential buyers will want to be able to picture themselves in your home. But, will not be able to do so if your personal photos are displayed. Depersonalizing each room is essential to help the buyer see the house as their future home. 

2. Clear the Clutter - It is vital to helping the buyer envision themselves in your home when their is no clutter along the shelves, on the countertops, or in the bedrooms. Specialists advise you to pack up 90 percent of your home in order to complete this task. Boxing up the clutter and placing it in a corner within the garage is an easy and efficient solution. 

3. Rearrange and Neutralize Each Room - Each room, even down to your closets should be rearranged and organized. Fresh neutral paint on the walls, doors and trim will give your house a new fresh feel. Make sure each room has a purpose, so the buyers will feel good about maximizing their use of each area in the house. 

4. Clean! Clean! Clean! - Buyers want to walk into a home that sparkles. Not into a space that feels unsanitary, because then, they will have a hard time seeing all of the fantastic features within your home. Deodorizing and scrubbing your house is essential before a showing. Whether done yourself or professionally, it is well worth the time, money, and effort spent. 

5. Curb Appeal is a Big Deal - Focus as much on the exterior of your home as you do on the interior. Mow your lawn, plant some flowers, pressure wash your home driveway and sidewalk. All of these things will appeal to a potential buyer. They want their home to be equally as nice on the inside, as on the outside as well. 

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