1.  The Wrong Price-A correct home price is based on a number of carefully researched facts including recent sales of comparable homes in your area, market trends, the home's condition and your "break-even" number.  

2.  Misspent Improvement Dollars-If you are considering improvements to boost the sales appeal of your home, be careful.  Upgrades that result in a dollar-for-dollar return on a home's price tag are rare.

3.  Time Lost On Unqualified Buyers-In real estate, there are two kinds of buyers: qualified and unqualified.  Both will call off a classified ad or a yard sign.

4.  High Or Unnecessary Seller Fees-As a seller, you will incur various costs.  Some of these costs (such as transfer taxes) are fixed and unavoidable. However, others are charged by specialized firms.

5.  Not Hiring A Professional-There are many ways in which real estate professionals help sellers. Getting top dollar at the closing table is the most popular.