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9 Chic Backyards That Will Make You Want No Grass!

by The Laura Swearingen Team

Here, at the Laura Swearingen Team, we are ALL about going against the norm and trying something different. These No-Grass Backyards do exactly just that. If it is low maintenance and chic, both at the same time, we love it! Yes, some shrubbery or flowers are a great addition to the style of backyard and require some maintenance. But, not having to mow every 3 weeks really is the best part. 

15 Stunning Closets You'll Want in Your Home!

by The Laura Swearingen Team

Your closet, it is the sanctuary for all of your clothing, shoes, purses, etc. So, the only thing more essential than what is in your closet is how your closet actually looks. You want to be proud of it and spacious, renovated closets make for a great selling feature. 

Explore and get inspired with us in these 15 luxurious closets! 


5 Easy Ways to Bring the Spa Home

by The Laura Swearingen Team

Everyone deserve relaxation and "me time" regularly. But, how can you do so easily, right from your own home? Well, we have answers. 

1. Cozy Robe - These robes are lush and perfect, to and from your stroll to a hot bath. 

Lands End, $59.99


2. Aromatherapy Diffuser  - Adding a few drops of your favorite smelling oil in one of these diffusers will fill your whole room, and senses. We recommend lavender for relaxation. Not to mention, the soft light show is extremely calming. 

Bed Bath & Beyond, $19.99 


3. Music / Sounds - A sound machine with the capability to play ocean waves rolling on the sand, tropical rainforests, white noise, or simply some songs from the radio, can transport you to any one of those locations. Ideal to use when laying down to relax or in your bath. 

Bed, Bath & Beyond, $19.99 



4. Face Mask - Detoxifying your skin is one of the main benefits of going to the spa. A facial that makes your skin feel rejuvenated is essential. So, grab the cucumbers. 

Sephora, $22


5. Eye Mask - A simple way to effectively rejuvenate the area surrounding your eyes, as well as getting pitch black sleep, consider an eye mask! 

Sephora, $35 

5 Pantries Ideas, That Aren't Walk-Ins!

by The Laura Swearingen Team

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. But, whoever came up with that idea forgot that the food from the kitchen comes from the pantry. So, why not make it look good? These 5 modern pantry designs will help you to feel good about where the real heart of your home is. 

10 Stunning Hawaiian Views

by The Laura Swearingen Team

Aloha friends! Today, we were inspired by some places throughout Hawaii and we just had to share with you! Hawaii is a place many love to travel to, explore and even live. Hawaii is known for its beautiful beaches, saturated sunsets, and waterfalls with rainbows. 

So, come explore with us! 

1. Wailua Falls 


2. Bali Cottage


3. Four Seasons, Maui


4. Beachfront Rental


5. Wailea Beach Villas 


6. Kaanapali Beach 


7. Kamaee Falls 


8. Kamoamoa Volcano Beach


9. Royal Hawaiian Resort, Oahu 


10. Sheraton, Maui 


10 Beach Front Backyards That Will Inspire Your Next Vacation

by The Laura Swearingen Team

As your busy schedule may take over from time to time, as does ours, you may find yourself in search of the nearest sandy haven with an umbrella and crisp blue seas. Trust us, we feel the same. So, take a break and relax your eyes on these dream-like beach homes that may have you planning your next ocean trip before the day is over. 

Our Favorite: Dallas Eats & Treats

by The Laura Swearingen Team

Dallas is a city full of a variety of foods, desserts, shops and places to see. With so many options, it can be overwhelming. Don't worry through, we have done most of the work for you. Our team has collaborated to seek out the best cheap eats and treats that Dallas has to offer. 

Velvet Taco - Located on North Henderson and described to be "Life Changing," Velvet Taco prides themselves on their wide variety of street tacos, and other items, made with fresh ingredients. Their hours vary from early in the morning to late at night. (like really late: 5:00 a.m.) 


Truck Yard - Not only is Truck Yard on the map for their fantastic cheese steaks, this spot earned its recognition from the fun and laid back atmosphere that literally is, a truck yard. Food and Brew trucks rotate out constantly so, visitors can experience the best variety Dallas has to offer in both. Located on Sears St. and open daily from 11 a.m to 12 Midnight. 


Flying Horse Cafe - This cafe is the perfect relaxation spot where you can enjoy fantastic coffee, great baked goods, quick snacks and local art. Uniquely located inside the Magnolia Hotel, the Flying Horse Cafe is known for their "Liquid Culture" which is seen in the pride they successfully take in their coffee. 


Keller's Drive In - Located off Northwest Highway, Keller's offers diner style burgers, fries, shakes and more. Since 1963, Keller's has been pleasing dedicated customers. Travel back in time and experience how fast food was served in the 60's. 


Sprinkles This is a place fabulously made up of cupcakes, ice cream and cupcake topped ice cream. But, that isn't even the best part. You can get a cupcake whenever your heart desires, even if that desire comes at 3:30 a.m.With a cupcake ATM you can buy however many you want. Sprinkles is located in Highland Park Village and the ATM available 24/7.




We hope you enjoy our picks for the best Eats & Treats. If you have any suggestions for some that should be added in an upcoming blog, we would love to hear from you! Feel free to comment below. 




How to: Pastel Interior

by The Laura Swearingen Team

Pastels are soft, colorful and add a twist of spring in whatever room you decide to implement them in. Most would categorize them to only being spring colors but we are all about challenging the norm. Pastels are flexible colors that can be used virtually anywhere in your home at anytime of the year whether it is on the walls, in accents, bedspreads, etc. So, see how to make the most of your home using pastels. 

This space is very ultra-modern yet if you notice pastels have been incorporated into the chair and wall colors. You can do this, without losing the contemporary touch in your home. Also, welcome in spring and summer by a bright bouquet of flowers on any table. 


These pastels are incorporated with soft gray rug and sofa, as well as with wooden accents. The throw pillows, and cushions make for a very visually pleasing pastel living space. Also, notice the greenery really enhances this room. 


Accents in the kitchen are a perfect way to subtlety yet effectively incorporate hints of pastel blues and greens.


Although the only part of this room that is remotely pastel is the headboard and a pillow, we are loving how beautifully those colors stand out in an all white bedroom. 


Even your elegant dining space could use some pastel. It seems like a bold move to incorporate these lavish purple / pink hued chairs. But, in my teams opinion we love taking that extra step to stand out and make an impression. 


Discover 10 Relaxing Pool Ideas for Small Backyards

by The Laura Swearingen Team

No matter the size of your outdoor space, you deserve a backyard fit for Beverly Hills, or something close to that. So, our team has collaborated to search out the most luxurious pools in the smallest of backyards. Get inspired and enjoy! 










10 Bathrooms That Will Inpsire a Full On Transformation

by The Laura Swearingen Team

Let us guide you straight to inspiration regarding your next bathroom makeover. Everyone knows adding some blue or sandy browns can really make a bathroom look nice. But, how can we achieve that same elegance, with a twist? 


Pops of Pink 


Plant Wallpaper 


Moroccan Tile 


Mint Stripes 


Chic Black 


Shimmery Tile 


Iridescent Tile 


Mellow Yellow 


Peachy Accents 




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