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Fourth of July Pastries You Will Want to Try!

by The Laura Swearingen Team

The fourth is approaching quickly, a fun and festive holiday full of Barbeque, Lake Days, and Fireworks. So, if you are (or even if you aren't) having guests, try to recreate any of these fun pastries for your special patriotic day. 

Indulge & Enjoy!


Tie-Dye Fudge 


Yogurt & Sprinkle Dipped Strawberries 


Cake Pops 




Spiral Cake 

Blueberry, Strawberry and Banana Kabobs 


Chocolate Dipped Rice Cereal Firecracker Bars 


Red White & Blue Candied Popcorn 


Raspberry & Blueberry Slushies 



Tie-Dye Cookies


Patriotic Milkshake 


Fourth of July Jello Cups 



How to: Create the Perfect Beach Bathroom

by The Laura Swearingen Team

Sometimes, we all just want to be transported away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and creating a beach bathroom can do that for you. Our team has collaborated to create what we feel like are the most essential pieces of a beach themed get-away, in your bathroom of course. 

1. Pastel Blue and Sandy Browns - Nothing says the beach like sand and a clear blue ocean. So, for your bathroom try to implement those two colors with some white features here and there. This way, the white will neutralize and balance the browns and blues. 

2. Accents - Starfish, coral, pictures of starfish and coral, or pretty much anything you feel like you'd see at the beach, bring inside your bathroom. (With no coral or starfish harmed in the process of course). 

3. Candles - Many candle companies have created an abundance of beach-themed scents. So, grab your favorite and let your eyes and nose take a nice little walk down the shore in your own bathroom. Plus, you can even try decorating your own! 

4. Lighting - Harsh bright lighting does not go for that relaxing ocean vibe at all. So, we recommend soft manila type lighting that is easy on the eyes and accentuates the hues of your perfectly crafted beach bathroom. 

5 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Your Happy Place

by The Laura Swearingen Team

Happy Bedroom, Happy Life is the saying right? Well, close enough. But, we have come to understand that when your bedroom is happier so are you! This is a place where you relax and decompress so why not make it the best room of all? We are here to give you 5 tips to easily boost the mood in your room! 

1. Clean!!! - Okay, so this is kind of a given. But, who knew that the first and free step to creating a bedroom that has an overall better feel is one that has no clutter. So, clear off that bed side table and invest in some extra storage if you need to. You'll thank yourself later, trust us. 

2. Always Make Your Bed! - Again, a free given but, we all need a reminder sometimes. You won't believe how good it will feel to walk into your room after a long day of work to see a freshly made bed with pristine, tucked in sheets. This is a super mood booster. 

3. Personalize & Accessorize - Adding a touch of your favorite things can really make a space feel like your own. Consider your favorite candles, bedside lamps, monogrammed pieces, anything to make your space feel special to you. 

4. Pay Special Attention to Your Bedding - Not only do you want something that is themed to the interior of your room but bedding that is comfortable is essential. When you crawl into bed you want to feel embraced, right? We recommend a duvet comforter with a cover that fits your room. 

5. Clean Out Your Closet - Seriously. We know this isn't your bedroom but, most likely your closet is connected or relatively close to your bedroom. You may have followed the previous 4 steps but what happens when you have clothes and shoes draped all over your closet and your fresh lively bedroom doesn't feel so fresh anymore. (Sad Face). So, keep your clothes space clutter-free and your room and closet will flow nicely in mood-boosting unison. 



How to: Florida Room Anywhere in the US

by The Laura Swearingen Team

Ahh, Florida, where the air is warm, the water is cool and the beaches are beautiful. You may or may not have heard the trend "Florida Room" in peoples home. Where they may have an indoor pool, lounge chairs, etc. But, overall, the whole room is exposed to complete sunlight. Sounds like paradise, even for those of you living up north. This may take a little renovation but it will add great value to your home and really be worth it, especially when its 40 degrees outside but you're soaking up the sunlight. Enjoy these beautiful sun rooms to see how you may want to create your own, no matter where you live! 


15 Highrise Condos That Will Make You Want to Buy!

by The Laura Swearingen Team

Some of us are perfectly content on rolling acres of land, others absolutely love being in the suburbs, but if you have never thought about living in the city, these condos may make you consider it. Our team has picked our favorite luxury high rises that make us want to live in the city. So, travel around the U.S. with us and visit these 15 beautiful condos all from the convenience of your desktop. 

Dallas, TX

San Diego, CA


Miami, FL 


New York, NY 


Las Vegas, NV 


New York, NY 


San Francisco, CA


Atlanta, GA 


Chicago, IL 


Los Angeles, CA 

Miami, FL 


New York, NY 


Los Angeles, CA 


Dallas, TX

Las Vegas, NV


10 Marble Interiors You Will Fall In Love With

by The Laura Swearingen Team

Marble is of the most fine and elegant features in regards to flooring, countertops, sometimes even walls! We have set out to find the most beautiful ways marble was incorporated in homes to share with you for design-spiration! 


5 Ways to Make Your Home More Summer(y)!

by The Laura Swearingen Team

Okay, so we know summery really isn't a word but, fitting for this post. The official beginning of summer is almost here (June 21st) and we are so ready for cold lemonade, cool pools, and warm weather. Our team has come together to figure out the best things you can do to bring summer inside your home! 

1. Greenery 


2. Summer Candles


3. Spawater 


3. Pineapple Accents 


5. Vibrant Throw Pillows 



A Guide to 3 Florida Beaches that You Will Fall in Love With!

by The Laura Swearingen Team

Recently, we created a post for some essentials you should bring to the beach with you. So, now you may be all caught up on that but can't decide just what beach to visit? Don't worry we've got you covered. Our team found 3 of the best beaches in Florida, out of many, you have to see to believe. Start travel planning and packing because after you see these pictures you will want to experience the sun, sand and crisp blue waters of these 3 Florida beaches, not in any particular order! 

1. Aly's Beach / Rosemary Beach / Seacrest Beach 

Aly's Beach, Rosemary Beach and Seacrest Beach are thankfully right next to each other so, we figured we would just cover them all in one swoop. Off scenic highway 30A, these two gorgeous beaches and the surrounding area have so much to offer. Perfect destination if you are looking for a small town feel with proximity to shops and dining. 

Recommended Lodging: The Pearl Hotel, The Inn at Seacrest Beach, High Pointe Resort

Recommended Dining: George's at Alys Beach, Acme Ice House, Cowgirl Kitchen 

Flight Info: Your best option is to fly into Panama City, Florida (ECP) it is about 20 minutes from these 3 beaches


2. Fort Lauderdale Beach 

Fort Lauderdale is a gorgeous city full of many things to do, though not as big as Miami, you will still feel as though you are admit a large city. Fort Lauderdale has beautiful beach and great dining opportunities, it even has a river walk! 

Recommended Dining: Canyon Southwest Cafe, Coconuts, Pelican Landing Restaurant, Steak 954, Chef Jean Pierre's 

Recommended Lodging:  Fort Lauderdale Marriott Harbor Beach Hotel & Spa, Westin Beach Resort, W Fort Lauderdale. 

Flight Info: You can fly right into Fort Lauderdale International (FLL) that will be the most convenient airport. 


3. Key West 

Key West is at the southern tip of Florida, and truly has something for everyone. From fishing excursions to dolphin encounters as well as kayaking and beautiful clear water beaches. You are sure to find relaxation and adventure here. 

Recommended Dining: Latitudes, Sarahbeth's Key West, DJ's Clam Shack, Cuban Coffee Queen, Garbo's Grill 

Recommended Lodging: The Gates Hotel, H2O Suites, Ocean Key Resort and Spa, The Marker Waterfront Resort 

Flight Info: Flying into Key West International (EYW) is you're best option here! 



15 Tasteful Home Bar Designs to Inspire Your Next Home Update!

by The Laura Swearingen Team

Whether you prefer to have a drink or not, home bars are an extremely exquisite addition that add value and a tremendous pull to your home. They are perfect for entertaining adult parties, or kids parties. So, whatever drink you are serving up, even if it is strawberry lemonade, think about implementing a home bar, or updating yours! Here are some design ideas to get you started.


Discover How Millennial Pink Will Make Any Space Chic

by The Laura Swearingen Team

The era of chic decor and designs are upon us, and has been growing more and more popular. These designs mixed with a touch of Millennial Pink can really update whatever space in your home you desire. Discover from the kitchen to the bathroom how this fun and distinct pink can liven up your home. 


Living Room 








Dining Room 

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